Dungeon Guide – Shadowmoon Burial Grounds (Challenge Mode)



Gold – 17:30


Invis Required

All Challenge Mode guides assume that players have a full understanding of the way the dungeon works in Heroic mode. It is highly recommended that players run the Heroic versions of these dungeons before tackling Challenge Mode. The Heroic Mode run through for Shadowmoon Burial Grounds can be found here.

The strategy below is just one of many ways to complete this challenge. Alternatives are mentioned and even encouraged, so feel free to adjust to fit your composition. Suggested clock times are listed next to each section to help gauge progress. Times on this run will vary depending on where the invisibility potion is used.


Sadana Bloodfury’s Trash
Sadana Bloodfury
Nhallish’s Trash
Bonemaw’s Trash
Ner’zhul’s Trash


Crypt of the Ancients


Altar of Shadow


Edge of Reality


Trash: Sadana Bloodfury’s Room – 17:30 – 15:00

Kill the first pack as normal, interrupting any Shadow Mend heals and dispelling any Shadow Word: Frailty from the Shadowmoon Bone-Mender

You want to avoid the patting Void Spawn and go in the direction opposite of it and do the next pull as normal, avoiding the runes on the ground. Sometimes, depending on randomness, you will get a Void Spawn in this pull as well. You can look to the left or right before passing the pat to see which side it is on and wait if you like, but this will cost you time.

Kill the pack of small spiders and jump down the hole, killing the next set of spiders and on to the last pack before the boss. It is ideal that you learn how to do this run to Sadana in Heroic before attempting Challenge Mode or you may get lost. The last pack before Sadana has three Reanimated Ritual Bones and a Shadowmoon Bone-Mender and puts out fairly significant damage on the tank. Make sure to use any cooldowns here if necessary and keep interrupts on Shadow Mends.

Boss: Sadana Bloodfury (Bloodlust # 1) – 15:00 – 13:00

Kill her as you normally would on Heroic, but each of her Dark Communion summons counts against the kill count. You can CC one of them until her cast is complete, rather than killing it, but if you find yourself short at the end, you can kill it the next time around.

Trash: Nhallish’s Hallway – 13:00 – 12:00

If you are a Death Knight, you will want to use Army of the Dead on this first pull. This is a very difficult pull if all Shadowmoon Enslavers are allowed to channel their Rending Voidlash. Use stuns, interrupts and cooldowns as necessary.

You can steal Rending Voidlash and channel it back on one of the enemies. Keep in mind that while doing this, you are vulnerable to mobs not targeting your Army.

The first Shadowmoon Exhumer can be pulled into the first hall pack. Try to get a stun, knockback, grip, etc. on it before it casts Exhume the Crypts because the two Exhumed Spirits it would spawn are not needed for kill count.

The second Shadowmoon Exhumer can either be allowed to cast, or it can be stunned in the same way. You’ll need to run over at least one of the graves next to it since you cannot bypass without aggro.

Try to avoid spawning anymore spirits from graves from this point on.

Boss: Nhallish- 12:00 – 10:00

Kill him as you normally would on Heroic.

Trash: Bonemaw’s Path – 10:00 – 7:00 – Invis Option #1

Here is one place you can choose to use your Invisibility Potion. This first pack is difficult, so if you are having problems with it, you can skip it entirely but you’ll need to do the spider and bat pack before the final two Void Spawns to make up for it. If you choose to invis here, run past this pack and up to the first set of spiders and bats.

If you choose to kill this pack, it is similar to the first pack after Sadana. Interrupt Rending Voidlash where possible. Be careful not to pull the pat that comes in behind the wall on the right, it only adds difficulty and time loss, it isn’t needed for kill count.

The first bat and spider pack is not a problem as long as interrupts go out on the Monstrous Corpse Spiders when they cast Necrotic Burst and Death Venom. Tank damage will also steadily increase as Plague Spit stacks up from the Plagued Bats. If you are a Brewmaster Monk or Protection Paladin, you can assist healers by dispelling yourself when you have a few stacks. This applies to all future spider and bat pulls. Death Knights can use AMS to help mitigate some of the damage.

Grab the first set of small spiders and pull them down the ramp into the set of two Monstrous Corpse Spiders. Keep interrupts going on Necrotic Burst and Death Venom.

Kill the first Carrion Worm, the four bat pack will most likely join you. Use cooldowns if necessary when the bats arrive, the stacking Plague Spit will begin to do massive damage. Once the first Worm is dead, move to spawn the second, taking the bats with you.

WARLOCK GATEWAY TRICK – There is a trick after the first bat and spider pack that you can do with a Warlock in the party. You’re able to put a Gateway at the top and the other side on the bottom where the Carrion Worms spawn. This allows you to skip the two Monstrous Corpse Spiders at the bottom of the ramp. If attempting this, you may need to experiment with changes to your kill count to make up for the two that are lost.

Boss: Bonemaw – 7:00 – 5:00

Kill it as you normally would on Heroic.

Trash: Ner’zul’s Hallway – 5:00 – 3:00 – Invis Option #2

If you didn’t use your Invisibility Potion after Nhallish, this is where you will use it instead, skipping the toughest bat and spider pack.

If you are killing this pack, use cooldowns if necessary, keep interrupts on Necrotic Burst and Death Venom from the spiders, and keep an eye on the stacking Plague Spit from the bats.

For the last pack of Shadowmoon, the two Void Spawns, setup a quick interrupt rotation for both to make sure that they cast as few Void Pulses as possible.

Boss: Ner’zhul (Bloodlust #2) – 3:00 – 0:00

Kill him as you normally would on Heroic.