Glory of the Draenor Raider

Flame On!
Do not run Kargath through the fire. Make sure your ranged players are standing away from the fire pillars so that when he targets them, he won’t run into the fire. Put ranged players with the most mitigation out furthest (Deterrence, Ice Block, etc.). If you out gear the encounter, you can just let that player die.

Hurry Up, Maggot!
Have someone setup a macro to mark the maggots:
/target Maggot
/script SetRaidTarget(“target”,8);

The tanks need to drag the Butcher on top of the maggot until it dies from the cleave. They spawn all over the boss room.

More Like Wrecked-us
Break Tectus down into Shards, then kill both Shards to spawn all eight Motes. If the Shards are at different health levels, carefully single target them down so you don’t damage the Motes prematurely. Carefully AoE down all of the Motes, single targeting any that are higher.

A Fungus Among Us
As of Patch 6.2.2 this achievement is raid-wide and only one player needs to complete it.
Choose someone with a speed boost preferably. Damage Brackenspore to about 40% to increase the spawn rate of the moss. Have the assigned player burn a few patches of moss at a time and then turn off the flamethrower, repeating this in such a way that their stacks do not fall off and so the flamethrower does not overheat, until they reach 15 stacks.

Brothers in Arms
Keep the Ogron on top of each other for the whole fight. Take special care of whirlwind in the melee pile.

Pair Annihilation

Complete the encounter as intended with the Nullification player(s) standing under the orbs and/or kill him extremely quickly.

Lineage of Power
You’ll need a Death Knight, or multiple, for this achievement.

Death Grip one of the Warmages from the second Intermission to the purple smoke underneath of Imperator. It should gain the Fortification buff. Start Death Gripping him to the third intermission spot but do not kill him. During the third intermission, make sure he’s in the white smoke underneath of Imperator. It should gain the Replicating buff. Once it has both buffs, it can be killed.

While all of this is happening, complete the encounter as normal, focusing down the Reavers first, then the new Warmages.

The Iron Price
Players need to get knocked up by Overhead Smash and click on three pristine ores on the ceiling near the center. The further away from Gruul, the higher the knockback, so he’ll need to be tanked near the edges of the room. Two of the ores can be obtained by ranged players when Gruul is at the gate. The last one will require Gruul to be moved to the opposite side.

It helps to mark the floor underneath of the ores so that the players know where to stand. Having one of your Inferno Slice camps lined up with the ore is important since he aims Overhead Smash toward players and you want it to go underneath of the ore.

Fight Gruul has normal, but do not kill him until all ore is obtained.

He Shoots, He Ores
During Oregorger’s Feeding Frenzy, there is a clickable Volatile Ore on the back wall, left of where he spawns. The idea is to take this to the grinder on the wall to the left of the room entrance.

You cannot move while holding the ore. You get a special action button and a reticle to toss it to another player. If Oregorger hits anyone with his roll while they are carrying it, it is lost forever and you must wipe the encounter.

The goal is to setup a team of three people to vocalize where they will be bringing the ore. Oregorger’s path can be controlled by strategically breaking boxes to keep him away from the ore players. If a player with the ore is about to be hit, they can toss the ore and as long as it is mid-air as Oregorger rolls through, it won’t be lost.

Stamp Stamp Revolution
No one can get hit with stampers. You’ll want to track the achievement and wipe the encounter if someone gets hit. An add-on like Hans’gar & Franzok Assist can help players make sure they are lined up in safe areas during stamper phases.

Fain Would Lie Down
This achievement requires three different kills of Darmac. Simply tank him next to the beast that you need credit for and kill him as normal.

The Steel Has Been Brought
Keep Aknor alive. You can bring a third tank to make this easier, but you still have to deal with his knockbacks and charges. Kill the boss as normal.

There’s Always a Bigger Train
Place a toy train on the first train track at the gate. Wait until the lanterns above the door light and then place the train wrecker. The train will then come and smash him granting the achievement immediately.

This can be done at any time on any track, but you only have ten seconds to hit the train wrecker while he’s dancing to get credit, so doing it first thing is easiest. Credit is granted immediately, so you will know if it failed. Don’t kill the boss until successful.

Ya, We’ve Got Time…
All four Primalists need to die within 10 seconds of each other. The best way to do this is to get them all low, to about 10%, and have magic dispellers watching them for Reactive Earthshield. Once they are all low, have four players with fixated Slag Elementals stand on each one. DPS each of the elementals down low and try to pop them at the same time. Once the shields are down on the Primalists, call for a full burn.

It helps to split your raid into four even DPS groups once all of the Primalists are low.

Would You Give Me a Hand?
AoE all of the hands that spawn as hard and evenly as you can once Thundering Blows ends. This achievement is easier with more people since there are extra hands. If you have a small raid, try to make sure everyone stands on runes next to each other.

Be Quick or Be Dead
Kill all maidens within 10 seconds of each other. Just balance their HP in the final phase and single target any that are too high.

Ashes, Ashes…
This achievement is completed during Phase 3 of the Blackhand encounter. While fighting him, ashes fall from the ceiling and you need to catch 20 of them and then kill Blackhand. You’ll want to pick up this Weak Aura which will count the current number of ashes and/or track the achievement until it turns white before killing Blackhand.

The easiest way to complete this achievement is to have most of your raid stand underneath of known ash spawn points. You get multiple counts toward your progress if more than one person is hit by an ash at the same time. A lot of ashes fall outside of the platform, so it makes this achievement challenging to get before Blackhand covers the platform if everyone is trying to get them individually. One of the best ash spots is in the SW area of the room (slightly to the left of the 90 degree cliff edge).

Blackhand Ashes Location