Guide Updates!

I haven’t touched any of the guides that I wrote since before the launch of Warlords of Draenor. I created the guides using beta information and realized pretty quickly, once I stepped in, that a lot of the fights had minor tweaks to them. Now that I’ve completed all of them on normal and heroic, and most of them on challenge mode, I will be re-visiting my guides and editing them to reflect the current state of affairs. I will also be adding heroic guides in the next few days to come.

I have only managed to obtain bronze and a couple of silvers in the challenge modes that I’ve run because we’ve mostly done them for daily quest completion and not for speed. I am a huge fan of challenge modes, having completed 9/9 gold on three characters at the end of Mists, so I plan to attempt the WoD CMs on gold in the next few months. I will most likely need to find a group via OpenRaid to accomplish this since most of my guildmates are not as fanatic as I am.

I’ll probably start challenge mode guides prior to completing gold myself, because I know what needs to be done.