Raid Guide – Socrethar the Eternal (Normal / Heroic)

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The greatest warriors of the draenei have their souls imbued into gleaming constructs, serving as eternal Vigilants in defense of their people. Originally a member of the Council of Exarchs before his descent into darkness, Socrethar has perverted this holiest of rituals, and used a warped fel construct to preserve his soul after his defeat in Talador.

Socrethar begins the encounter occupying the Soulbound Construct. When players deplete the Soulbound Construct’s health, Socrethar’s spirit will be ejected from the construct, and a player can take control of it. The Sargerei then stream into the chamber, and together with Socrethar attempt to regain control of the Construct. When the Construct’s health is depleted when controlled by a player, they are ejected and Socrethar regains control, beginning the cycle again. Players must destroy Socrethar’s soul to complete the encounter.

Tank Mechanics

Other Roles

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  • Alternate who is tanking the Soulbound Construct to prevent Shattered Defenses from stacking too high.
  • One tank should take control of the Construct when Socrethar is ejected.
  • When controlling the construct, avoid Soul Dispersion by staying away from Haunting Spirits.

Damage Dealers:

  • Raid members must take turns absorbing Shattered Defenses to keep the tanks from suffering fatal damage.
  • Interrupt Exert Dominance to prolong the period of time that your tank is able to control the Construct.
  • Do not let Haunting Souls reach their targets.


  • Raid members must take turns absorbing Shattered Defenses to keep the tanks from suffering fatal damage.
  • Apocalypse deals heavy damage to the raid.
  • Run away from Haunting Souls who are fixated on you.

Soulbound Construct

  • Reverberating Blow: Inflicts Physical damage to all targets in a cone. Additionally, applies 3 stacks of Shattered Defenses, dividing the number of stacks between the closest targets.
    • Shattered Defenses: Increases damage taken from Reverberating Blow by 200%.
      This effect stacks.
  • Fel Prison: Creates a ring of stasis energy. Any creature who steps into the ring will release the energy, encasing creatures within 8 yards in a Stasis Shell.
  • Volatile Fel Orb: Creates a volatile orb of fel energy that follows a targeted enemy, detonating on impact.
    This ability consumes 0 Energy when used by a player.
  • Felblaze Charge: Charges forward, leaving behind a trail of arcane energy, inflicting Fire damage every 1 sec. to anyone inside the trail and reducing their movement speed by 75%.
  • Overwhelming Power: The power of Socrethar’s soul cannot be fully bound within the construct, causing bolts of fel to temporarily burn players for Fire damage every 1 sec for 3 sec.
  • Incomplete Binding – Players have an incomplete binding with the construct and inflict 33% reduced damage while controlling it.

Socrethar and the Sargerei

    • Exert Dominance: Attempts to assert dominance over the Soulbound Construct, inflicting 5% of the Construct’s health as Shadow damage.
    • Apocalypse: Releases deadly bursts of twisted soul energy, inflicting Shadow damage to all players every 2 sec. for 10 sec.
    • Fel Barrier: Wraps Socrethar in Fel energy, preventing all damage.
    • Gift of the Man’ari: Suffuses the target with fel energy, inflicting Fire damage to the target and all players within 10 yards every 3 sec. for 2 min.
    • Shadow Word: Agony: Inflicts Shadow damage every 1 sec. for 15 sec.
      This effect stacks.
    • Shadow Bolt Volley: Launches a volley of shadow energy towards all players, inflicting Shadow damage.
    • Virulent Haunt: Haunts the fixated player and any other nearby players, inflicting Shadow damage every 1 sec. and horrifying them for 8 sec.
    • Ghastly Fixation: Fixates on a target, destroying itself and applying Virulent Haunt if it reaches them.

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